Hugo Devereux: A Birth Story

Thursday, October 22, 2015

On the morning of October 13th, my husband readied himself for work, kissed my cheek, and wished me a good day. "Call me if anything happens, ok?" he asked. He was referring to the false alarm we had the night before. 2 hours in triage being checked after I thought my water broke. It hadn't. My contractions were 6 minutes apart, a minute in length, but I could hardly feel a thing. Just a couple of cramps here and there. I promised Scott that I would call him if there was any change and drifted back to sleep as I heard him lock the front door and start the car. 

I slept for about an hour when I began to feel tightening in my abdomen at 7:30 a.m. I was still tired and fought this feeling as much as I could in order to get as much sleep as possible. The night before was long and discouraging as the little one wanted to stay in the womb just awhile longer. At 8 a.m., I could no longer ignore the tightening and decided to get up for the day. 

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