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My name is Brittany and the writer behind this blog. I am awful at introductions so let's just dive right into the getting to know each other part!

I learned to sew when I was 11 yrs old in a sewing and etiquette class hosted at a church's homeschool group program although my love for fabric began long before this class. 

Being the lucky girl that I was, I was incredibly blessed to grow up with an extraordinarily talented grandma who could sew anything and it would look amazing. I loved visiting and watching her go over current projects with my mom, detailing each one. I also loved when she would encourage me to explore her craft room in their 1910 house. My love for old houses, fabric, and approach to sewing was formed early in my childhood.
Despite knowing how to sew, I didn't spend my time at the sewing machine during my teens or early 20s. I spent my time pursuing interests in the performing arts. Singing, acting, and modeling were my life. Weekends were devoted to photoshoots, casting calls, and performances. It wasn't until I moved out on my own and was attending university that I realized that 1.) stuff is expensive and 2.) I can make this for less! 

I studied at the University of Washington and majored in Russian Language, Literature, and Culture. I completed the 4 year program in half the time which meant that I was busy. However, during my breaks, the sewing machine would occasionally find it's way to the kitchen table with a new project in tow. It was during this time that I became quite the sewer of pajama pants. 

A few months after graduation, my husband and I eloped to one of our favorite places - Whitefish, MT. We married in Glacier National Park, surrounded by the mountains, a few days before Christmas. Then a couple of months later, we learned that our family was going to be expanding to three!

After we learned that we were having a little boy, I sewed a ridiculous amount of burp cloths, and the sewing machine found it's way onto the table more frequently. I just loved sewing for the beeb and from there, I really fell in love with sewing. I love all aspects of sewing (except re-threading my bobbin) and alternate between a mix of my own tutorials, following patterns, and refashioning things. 

My hope is that this blog will encourage you to pull out that sewing machine that hasn't seen the table in weeks, months, or years. Or to encourage you to try sewing for the first time, if you've been too scared or busy to give it a try. Just don't forget to tag your projects with #sewverylovely so I can see all those beautiful things you're making!

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