How to Create a Gorgeous Heirloom Rag Doll with Simplicity 1342

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Is it just me, or are rag dolls back and in a big way?

A few weeks ago, my husband had a late night at work so we met him in the city and decided to spend a little time walking around and showing Hugo the holiday window displays. The Land of Nod in our area always has the cutest window display and toys for the season so we decided to head there first. Inside we found such precious "heirloom" rag dolls and I just loved them to pieces but they were all thrown on the shelf and not in the best condition. Plus, they were also really expensive. Why, oh why must The Land of Nod be so cute and so expensive!

10 Tips + Tricks for the Beginning Sewist

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lately I've had a lot of people in my life express interest in sewing and it's been a lot of fun talking patterns, fabric, and adorable makes. It's the best when a girl's night involves coffee, a trip to the fabric store, chatting it up about style, the kiddos, and the husbands. Among these conversations are questions and answers to aspects of sewing that are nuanced and not necessarily known to the beginning sewist. Often times, getting started can feel overwhelming or as if sewing at home requires a natural talent, which is simply not true. As with any other hobby, time and experience are on your side - plus, armed with these tips, you'll be feeling confident with your sewing in no time! 

beginner sewing tips

So, without further ado, here are 10 tips and tricks that every beginning sewist should know: 

Trick or Treat: Our DIY Family Halloween Costumes (Hint: It Involves Ms. Frizzle and a School Bus!)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

This is such a late post. Face palm.

I know, I know we're in November and probably over hearing about Halloween costumes but bear with me! I am still super excited about this year's DIY costumes and life has been nothing short of crazy. CRAZY, I tell you! We can talk about the crazy later but, for now, let's talk about costumes (said with jazz hands -  lots of jazz hands)!

Last year we were super awful and waited until the last minute to create Hugo's Halloween costume but this year, I was ready! We started talking about our costumes almost immediately after last Halloween and decided to do The Magic School Bus. Talk about being prepared! At the time, Hugo wasn't into the show, and didn't even know what The Magic School Bus was, but I thought it would make for a great family costume theme because there are so many characters to choose from. Over the summer Netflix released a Magic School Bus reboot and now Hugo rather enjoys the lo busss (toddler for, 'yellow bus'). The timing, let me tell you, was on point. New show? Hugo loves the yellow bus? Somehow, I managed to spot a trend - in advance! Whoop, whoop! Any how, we chose to dress up as Ms. Frizzle, Arnold, and Liz the Lizard. Plus, I made a Magic School Bus treat bag for Hugo to carry. SO. CUTE. 

Finding Versatility in McCalls M7127

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Not too long ago, my husband and I were grocery shopping at Walmart when we happened upon a clearance bin of fabric in the middle of an unassuming aisle. Of course, I had to look and was rather excited to find a ton of knit fabric bolts marked down to a $1 yd. Surprisingly, I don't have a lot of knit in my fabric stash, and was really excited to be going home with 5 yds of black and gray jersey. As soon as they got home, they went straight into the washing machine, and I thumbed through my knit patterns trying to figure what to make with all of this newly found fabric.

Fall Inspired Fashion: The Freya Dress by Simply Sewing Magazine

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Fall is quickly becoming my favorite season, guys! I've always been such a fan of fall fashion with it's lux color choices, the layering, and of course, pouring over the all of the September magazine issues. This year, it seems like everywhere you turn, there's denim or 70s inspired style in the stores in the magazines, or online, so I was thrilled when I found a ton of denim fabric at Goodwill for $5.99.

A Tutorial for your Inner-Urbanista: The DIY Wrap Dress

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The last couple of weeks have been so busy because I've picked up a bit of client work doing alterations, re-upholstery, and custom made dresses through word of mouth. I am kind of blown away sometimes by the fact that other people have been sharing what I've sewn with others and trust me with their projects. As a (mostly) self-taught hobbyist, it's crazy to think about how much my sewing has improved - even in the last six months. Like my husband joked the other week, "babe, you've come a long way since sewing pajama pants," which is kind of funny because for awhile, that's all I knew how to sew so we had lots of pajama pants around the house. haha. Truthfully though, I really enjoy sewing for others. I feel as though I am always learning something new whether it be a new skill, a project I've never attempted, different type of material, finish, etc. Plus, it still feels like I am getting that new fabric excitement over my client work without adding to my already out of control fabric collection.

Thrifting 101: 5 Tips and Tricks for Successful Thrift Shopping

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thrifting tips and tricks

This week we're breaking it up a little bit to talk about thrifting tips and tricks! Lately, I've noticed that I've been receiving a lot of compliments on things I've worn that were purchased from a thrift store. I've also found that it's a lot of fun to see someone's surprised reaction when I tell them that I bought it used, at a thrift shop. Usually, they are shocked and tell me that they never find anything cute at the thrift store which, in turn, surprises me!

Easy Summer Style: A Maxi Dress Refashion + Tutorial

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Honestly, the last few months have been tough and this week has been especially stressful which made it difficult to sit down and write a post this week. Sometimes, refashioning and sewing is just the stress relief that I need but when faced with the technical aspect of sharing, sometimes I get a little stumped and procrastinate. I didn't know what I was going to say about this dress all week so, I've prayed about it and am hoping that the words flow and resonates with your heart, too.

Holiday Style: DIY Navy & White Lace Dress from a Tablecloth + Refashion Tutorial

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Last week I was thinking about what I was going to wear for the 4th of July and try as I might, my mind just kept drawing a blank. I will confess that I am awful and will usually buy something new for the holidays (because - dresses!) but this year has been crazy and that option wasn't really on the table. However, what was on the table (literally) was a tablecloth that I meant to sew last month and just didn't have the time to get to. I purchased this tablecloth at Value Village a few months ago for $4.99 and really liked the design in the center as well as the floral design around the border. Immediately, I thought of making a spring dress, lined with mint, and a scalloped laced hem. Needless to say, spring flew by and the tablecloth remained just that.

Vogue 1102: The Little Black Dress

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DIY little black dress

Have you ever had an experience where you just looked at a dress and you knew that it was meant to be worn by you? Well, when I first saw Vogue 1102, I just knew that this dress was going to look stunning but I tucked it away in my pattern stash, waiting for the right time (and enough courage), to attempt my first Vogue pattern.

The Peasant Top: How to Refashion this Season's Hottest Trend

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trendy Clothing Refashion Maxi Skirt to Peasant Top

It's been awhile! Life has been crazy lately - then again, I always say this. If you've been following my social media then you know that Hugo and I were off having a blast exploring Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. Coming back from vacation and transitioning back into everyday life hasn't been easy, especially with all of the rain we've been having still - yuck! Adulting can wait, right?

Since it's been taking me awhile to get back into a routine, what better way to get back to it than a diy of this season's hottest trend? Every where you look, the 70's inspired peasant top seems to be  all the rage and the options are limitless! I'm finding a new love for 70s with their high-waisted flares, jumpsuits, free-flowing tops and dresses, and I've been wanting a peasant top ever since they found their way to stores earlier this year. Luckily these are really easy to sew yourself!

I found this maxi skirt a couple of months ago when I made a trip to my local Value Village. I was rather surprised to find it on the rack, especially since it was only a $1.99! The embroidery is so pretty and I fell in love with it immediately. Plus, the waist was smocked so it made it all the easier to transition into a cute top. Here's a good look at the before! 

Home Tutorial: How to Update your Ironing Board Cover - the Easy Way

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

ironing board tutorial

Lately, I've been feeling a little under the weather so keeping up with things around the house has kept me plenty busy. However, I've really been wanting to tackle my ironing board cover. I've been complaining about how gross it was for months and I kept saying that I was going to redo it but kept being pushed to the bottom of my to do list.

Last week, I needed to run to Walmart to buy thread and while I was there, I found a silver, gray, and white floral fabric that matched my upcycled computer/sewing desk perfectly. The bolt price was listed at a great price ($3.97 a yd) so it was an easy decision to take this lovely fabric home with me. I decided to purchase three yards and was pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric was even less than the bolt price bringing the total cost to $7.96. Now I have plenty of extra fabric to update other projects around the house as well!

Here's what my ironing board looked like before (please don't judge me - I know that it's terrible!):

A Do it Yourself Summer Dress: Navy + White Nautical Dress with Butterick 6318

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DIY Nautical Dress

I can't believe that it's May already - how did this happen!? I'm also so grateful that it is. The sun has been showing itself here and there for the last month but we've finally started to feel some warmth. Hugo is thoroughly confused by the temperature change and, like a true Washingtonian, is already telling me, 'haaa, haaa, mama - haaaa' when it's 70 degrees out. It's still a bit too cold for summer activities but we've been keeping our sunny days busy with exploring and being outside.

All of this sunny weather has reignited my love for dresses and surprisingly, I have a very small amount of casual dresses to wear. Most of my dresses are intended for work or have cutouts/shorter hems from when I was thinner and didn't have a little one to chase. Since my life has changed, my needs and wants in a dress have also changed. I want little fuss, something I can move in, and something that won't cycle out of fashion so quickly.

Decor on a Budget: A DIY Springtime Wreath (And it only cost $5 to make!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dollar Tree DIY

I'm not going to lie to you, it's been a tough week. Anything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. On top of that, I could use a mom break. Toddlers are hard. Since this week was a just-stay-afloat kind of week, sewing was the last thing on my mind and I focused my energy on other things.

Like, a trip to the Dollar Store.

Which, by the way, was a mess in and of itself. Evidently, carts aren't allowed outside of the store so I had to figure out how to carry my purse, diaper bag, bags of merchandise, and an angry toddler across the parking lot with non-automatic doors. Fun, fun. And this was right after Hugo grabbed a bunch of fake florals from the shelf, bit plastic off, thereby requiring me to swipe the inside of his mouth to grab said plastic. Of course, this only upset him so he bit my finger with his front teeth so hard that my finger swelled. Lovely. Oh, and it rained. Like, poured. Thanks, Washington!

I digress. So, while I was at the Dollar Tree, I picked up a few things for gardening (I am determined to make gardening a thing this year), yard clean up, as well as a few floral things to make a wreath. Guys, I have not made a wreath in forever which is silly because I love wreaths. In fact, my last wreath was the DIY Rustic Wreath that I made two years ago - crazy! So I figured that instead of sharing a sewing project (with my luck this week, I shouldn't be touching a sewing machine), I would share this really easy DIY springtime wreath that only cost five dollars to make. And, you can find all the materials at the Dollar Tree - yay! 

Hello Dear Kids: A Romper Pattern Review

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pattern Review

This week I want to talk about Hello Dear Kids' romper pattern (R18)! I've been following Hello Dear Kids on Instagram for the longest time and am constantly impressed with Mijeong Jeong's designs but I hesitated in purchasing an online pattern because I didn't know what to expect - especially with mixed reviews on Etsy.

After checking Joanns for a toddler boy romper pattern, and not finding what I had in mind, I decided to purchase the Hello Dear Kids' pattern (R18) a few days before Easter. A couple of months ago, I purchased a yellow and white seersucker fabric for $2.99 from the thrift store and it was perfect for this romper design! I was really excited to give it a try and I am really glad that I did!

So let's talk about pattern details, pros/cons, and those mixed Etsy reviews.

  • The pattern is available for immediate download & is non-refundable. 
  • If purchasing a bundle of patterns, you can use a shop code to receive a discount for bulk purchases. 
  • Sizes 6 months - 7 years are included - yayyyerr! 
  • Sizes true to commercial sizing.
  • The files are divided into 2 parts: tutorial & pattern 
  • The pattern pieces include a seam allowance and instructions clearly illustrate how to assemble the pieces. A measurement check is also included. Pieces do not include notches or button hole placements. 
  • The tutorial offers step by step instructions with pictures prompting you as you go.  
Pros & Cons:


  • The design is adorable. I love how traditional yet trendy it is. Plus, this is a GREAT way to create a summer capsule wardrobe for your little one. 
  • There are so many sizes included! The sizing was also perfect - Hugo wears a commercial size 2T and the 2-3T option was just the right size.
  • I also love that the design is unisex. I just see myself getting so much use out of this pattern!
  • The instant download is really convenient and pictures of the process eliminates guess work. 
  • The rompers sew really quickly and can be sewn in an evening.
  • The only thing that I really didn't like is the lack of button hole placement. It would have saved time if they were included and improved accuracy. 
Pattern Review

Etsy Reviews:
  • No seam allowance included: I think that Hello Dear Kids went back and modified the pattern to add a seam allowance because the seam allowance is clearly marked. 
  • Complaints about spelling/English: I didn't think this was a fair comment, you can clearly understand the meaning that is being conveyed. 
  • A lot of guess work/not for a beginner: If you're relatively new to patterns and sewing, this pattern may not be for you. Honestly, I didn't experience any difficulties but since notches and button hole placements aren't included, I could see how this could be a challenge for a beginner.
  • Don't cut the waistband on the fold: I also saw a lot of comments in the reviews discussing whether or not to cut the waist band on the fold despite the pattern saying that it should. I followed the assembly instructions, cut on the fold, and it worked well for me.
Pattern Review

Pattern Review

Pattern Review

Pattern Review

Pattern Review

Pattern Review

Overall, I love this pattern and I plan to use it again soon. Hello Dear Kids has a lot of really cute patterns out there that I want to try and I can't wait to add them to my pattern collection. Now, I just have to chose which one should be next! Let me know if you have any suggestions! 

Look Expensive on a Budget: A DIY Lace Curtain Refashion + Simplicity 1099

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

White Lace Curtain Refashion

So far, April has been my favorite month this year. It's the right kind of busy where there is always something to look forward to or do. The Tulip Festival is currently running, the farm reopened, Easter is right around the corner, and the Spring Fair is at the end of the month. There are so many things to show the little bear and our weekends are quickly filling with activities - just the way that I like it!

While we aren't out, enjoying our breaks of sunshine, I've been working on spring and summer inspired projects! There's something about transitional seasons that really inspires me to sew. I love getting a break from a dark color palette and seeing the stores filled with pastels, florals, skirts, dresses and heels. Unfortunately, my account has also felt the crunch this time of year because of my love for all of those things [Insert the saddest face] However, I have learned that you can indulge a little and still maintain your budget without sacrificing taste or quality which brings me to these lace curtain panels that I found at Value Village for $2.50

DIY Gingham Crop Top

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I am so excited that spring is finally here! Every where you look, there are fresh leaves, flowers blooming, and sunshine! Thank heaven for sunshine!

There's no better way to celebrate than with this season's staples: gingham, ruffles, and a crop. I've been wanting to try out a crop top for awhile but, I'll be honest, I hate working out and I love cookies so most crop tops don't flatter my shape. However, this design is belly friendly for those of us who want to wear a crop and eat our cake too!

DIY Memory Quilt from Footie Pajamas

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about how I was having the hardest time letting go of Hugo bear's cute little footie pajamas and created those DIY sleeper mittens? Well, I decided to save all of his sleepers from his first year and create a little memory quilt!

St. Patrick's Day Refashion

Friday, March 17, 2017

The other week I went thrifting with my mom and I found this forest green dress from The Limited for $3.49 and in the cart it went. Lurve, at first sight. It's always interesting to go thrifting with my mom because, even to this day, whenever I pick something out, she gets a really nervous look and tries to redirect my attention onto something else. To be fair, the dress was a major don't for my body type. Drop waist, sheath but too tight on my hips, too short, and the 2000-esque bow nicely accentuated a post-baby bump that shouldn't be there anymore (it's just so rainy outside and I'm definitely guilty of sometimes giving into the sweet tooth).

DIY Car Seat Pillow & Life Update

Saturday, March 11, 2017

diy car accessories

I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I've updated the blog!

Life has been crazy. Hugo was sick for a couple of weeks and then shortly after the terrible twos found us early. Like, super early and it is exhausting. I find myself trying to sleep whenever possible which means that the majority of my sewing projects have been neglected. Eek! We are trying to find a better routine to make things a little easier on the bear (and his parents) but it's a work in progress.

If you've been following my blog, you probably remember the post that I shared about Hugo's updated car seat. Well, his car seat is officially expiring next month so we purchased a Maxi Cosi and are waiting for it to come in!

DIY Maternity Sash + Baby Shower Details

Saturday, February 11, 2017

This week our little bear became sick for the first time. Instead of catching the common cold or flu, he came down with croup and strep pneumonia. Croup in itself is already pretty scary but anytime you hear the word "pneumonia" associated with an infant, it's downright terrifying. Thankfully he is doing really well now and is continuing to improve daily. Since our little bebe is still not feeling well, I don't plan to post often until he is better and this is going to be a rather quick post.

DIY Evening Dress

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The evening dress is finally complete.

I feel like there was a lot of build up to this moment throughout the month and there were so many moments when I thought that I was going to finish much earlier than I anticipated. I knew going in that this was going to be my hardest project to date and it was though, not in the way that I imagined that it would be. As you know, this dress was inspired by the Oscar De La Renta  gown that I talked about in a previous post. I knew that I wanted a classic bodice with a chevron paneled skirt in order to achieve a similar look.

DIY Rustic Baby Shower Banner

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I know I always say this... but it's been SOOO busy! We went on an Ikea trip this weekend which means there are boxes every where, old furniture on it's way out, and just stuff every where you look. It's been driving me crazy the last few days which means my upcycling has been on hold. However, I have been sewing a few things here and there over the last week. The diy evening dress is almost done (cross your fingers that I won't have to seam rip the skirt, again.), and I've been sewing a few decorations for an upcoming shower, and a few other things that will be announced soon-ish.

Transformation Tuesday: Footie Pajamas to Mittens

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Refashion, upcycle, sewing for baby

This week was another busy one and a lot of routine hopping for the Hugo bear which meant nap and sleepy time were all over the place. Getting anything done was a challenge. Hugo is definitely an active little boy and I am learning how to keep him engaged in activities as well as directing his energy so he doesn't become bored so easily. I think boredom could be a large fraction as to why he doesn't sleep through the night. This week we experimented with alternating an activity at home and then with an activity out of the house. My mom got him a Mickey Mouse calendar for Christmas and we write down our big or outside activities and talk about any events that are going to happen that day. I am also trying to rearrange our routine at home. We're so used to letting Hugo determine how the routine is going to be set and doing things around his nap or nighttime. Since he's getting older, I think that starting to do things while he's awake and letting him participate a little is going to be beneficial in keeping him engaged and learning. I think that I noticed he was ready for a shift in routine at home when he wanted to "help" do the dishes, got really excited to see the vacuum, and attacked the broom. haha. He's the cutest!

DIY Evening Dress Pt. 1

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A big (or not so big) event is coming up this month! I will be turning thirty. My last some-what cool milestone birthday. Truthfully, I spent a lot of time thinking about turning thirty when I was in my mid-twenties. I was kind of nervous to be creeping closer to the big 3-0 but luckily, it isn't at all like I imagined. I read an article once that said being in your thirties feels good and I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy my thirties.

In order to celebrate, I decided to sew myself a fancy dress! Last month when I popped in at the thrift store, I found 3.5 yds of black and white striped satin material for $4.99. Score!! I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with the fabric until I came across this dress by Oscar De La Renta and I fell in lurve.

Transformation Tuesday: Playsuit into a Sweater!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In November we bought Hugo a playsuit from Carters that looked so warm and adorable. Since we are awful at surprises, we couldn't wait until Christmas and gave it to him early so he could start enjoying his little suit. Let me say that I loved this suit for about 2 washes and then material/interfacing began to unravel at the inner leg seam. It was an easy enough fix, albeit an irritating one. I also began noticing a good deal of wear-and-tear signs in the legs like, matted material, layers of fuzz, and noticeable differences in the knee after about 4 wears. Nope, nope, nope. I think at this point, the creative wheels started to turn. It was much too soon to get rid of. That would be such a waste of money, plus it had some issues so it would most likely not sell at a thrift store. I thought my, that would be a cute sweater though. So, I made it a sweater! Also, Hugo grows the most in his torso and tends to outgrow the lengths of his sweaters and shirts long before the sleeves so I was really pleased with how much length I was able to get from the playsuit! It's so easy that it doesn't really require much of a tutorial, to be honest. Even Scott was surprised by how quickly it went and said, "You're done?! That took you like 15 minutes!" Yup, easy.

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