Faux Fur Tree Skirt Hack: Upcycled Faux Fur Blanket into Tree Skirt Tutorial

Thursday, December 24, 2015


this is a little bit late! I am still recovering and some days are still better than others. The last couple of days have been pretty good which means that I've been trying to cram in as MUCH as I possibly can before Christmas. Although I am so behind in my holiday to do list, it is really nice to feel better than I have and just in time for the big day!

But anyways, on to the fun stuff!

I knew that I wanted to do a woodland theme this year for Christmas. My husband and I both love the earthy tones, the cute little animals, and all of the sparkle! Okay, the last part about sparkles is just me. haha. When Target first began stocking their holiday area, I noticed that they had a lot of woodland decor to offer, including this faux fur tree skirt! I loved the overall quality of the tree skirt, it was so soft and plush, however I felt that it was too expensive with a $45 price tag. So off to Joann's I went in search of the perfect faux fur in order to create my own tree skirt.

Emergency, Emergency

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I've started and restarted this post for days now. Truthfully, I just don't know where to begin and I've wrestled with whether or not anyone would even want to know the cause of my silence. It's a long story, so if you are interested, be prepared to settle in a comfortable spot for awhile. It's also a moderately sad story so if you're an easy crier (like me) then grab some tissues too. Although, as I write this, I may be crying enough for the both us - so maybe nix the tissues.

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