DIY Home Office: My Upcycled Computer and Sewing Desk

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The summer has disappeared on me. I'm still processing that September is less than a few days away and that Hugo bear is soon to be a year old. Life changes and moves so quickly but that is a post for another day!

Lately, I've been home a good deal and we've been slowly settling into our newish place. New, as in we moved in March and are still unboxing things, accumulating furniture.

Once upon a time, back in winter sometime, I went to the Goodwill by my parent's house on a trip with my mom. I saw this awesome desk for $30 and begged my parents to let me house it in their garage until we moved. Well, things happened and an additional, not running, vehicle sits in our garage at the moment so the desk was put off for days. Actually, months. So long that my parents called and said that if the desk was not picked up last week that it was going to be claimed. Of course, I was over within that day.

This week has been all about working on this desk. I definitely would have continued to put it off for a while longer if I didn't get a little kick in the pants to get it done but I am really happy with having my computer in the office/craft room instead of on the dining room table. The dining room is probably the cleanest its been since March without having to throw everything in a closet or in the spare room. Desk for the win!

For this project, I used the Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Linen White and the light gray. You don't need primer using their paint and since I am the laziest when it comes to anything involving prep work, you can be sure that I didn't do anything except wipe down the desk. Since the desk is not a solid wood, rather a hodge-podge of veneer, particle board, and some wood pieces - I wouldn't do that again. I would at least prime because as much as I dislike prep work, I really dislike having to go back and fix my work.

This project took me exactly one week of naptimes interlaced with a couple of late nights, and multiple trips to Home Depot, Home Goods, and Walmart. To my defense, mom brain is real and you forget why you went to the store in the first place, circle around, and walk out with other things that you forgot previously.

Overall, I am super happy with my desk. This was my first time using chalk paint and there's no way that I'm going back now! Super easy to use, easier to distress, and dries much faster. At some point, I would really like to add a glass top to alleviate scratches, cut fabric, and for an easier clean.

Product list:

Rustoleum Chalk Paint - 1 in linen white, 1 in the light gray color
Small Roller
Small brush
Sponge brush (for detailing)
Fine grit sand paper
Set of 6 knobs

Now it's time to start decorating, yay! What Goodwill treasures have you found?


  1. Totally adorable desk. Big fan of repurposing items. Great find with that desk. Our Goodwill doesn't have a lot of great stuff unfortunately.

    1. I love to repurpose items as well! Our local Goodwill is really hit and miss too - especially with their prices. I think that Craigslist and Offerup are the best for great finds!

  2. It came out so beautiful! I like it so much! Great job :))

    Rosalyn |

    1. Thank you Rosalyn! I was super happy to have a sewing/workspace again! haha.

  3. You are very talented. You did a beautiful job with this one

    1. Oh my goodness! What a sweet comment! Thank you so much.


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