Tutorial: Glitter Holiday Wreath

Monday, November 23, 2015

Rustic, Gold, Glitter Wreath - DIY

So I am really excited to share my first DIY of the holiday season! 1.) Because Christmas is right around the corner and it's Hugo's first Christmas (YAAY) and 2.) because I have a mild obsession with wreaths and glitteerrr. Combine all of these things, and woah... just woah. 

My husband and I decided that we are pretty much going to DIY as much as we can for our holiday decorations because our budget, truthfully, is limited this Christmas since I've been on maternity leave. No complaints here because I love projects and it also forces me to get some creative juices flowing. It's also a great way to unwind during my "mommy time" from 6-10 p.m. 

One thing that is a major budget killer are holiday wreaths. Holy expensive! I am also extremely picky about wreaths. There are so many in stores that are super cheap looking, cheesy, thin, and just.. blek. I like my wreaths full, and gorgeous! I also know that I can achieve that, half of the time, on my own and for way less. 

This year, I wanted to do a wreath that was gold, glittery, and rustic looking. So I got to looking for inspiration. 

Gold Glitter Wreath
Drool, this is so gorgeous! It's sold but here is the link to the etsy shop
Gold Glitter Wreath
Glittery fun from Joanns. Currently 60% off in stores and online.

Once I saw the wreath from Joanns I knew exactly how I wanted to do mine.  It made me smile knowing that I could make my wreath, with their products, for less than their wreath - 60% off!

You can't really see all of it's glorious glitteriness with my camera but it is super sparkly without being too much. The brown accents tie in a rustic element that makes it extremely versatile - not only will it pass for Christmas but also for Thanksgiving! I usually change my Christmas theme annually so it's nice knowing that this wreath can be used every November until I'm bored with it.  

This is an extremely easy, inexpensive DIY that only requires a couple hours of your time!

Here's what you'll need: 

Wire cutters

Grapevine Wreath - I got mine for $5.49 at Joanns and totally forgot to use my coupon. You can also score one at the Dollar Tree for $1 though the size is a bit smaller.
Base floral piece - 3 pieces @ $2.39 a piece

Secondary floral piece - 3 pieces @ 2.39 a piece
Third floral piece (to fill holes) - 2 @ 2.39 a piece
Accent floral piece - 1 @ 2.39 

That's only $27 before tax! You could get away with doing this wreath under $20 if you get the smaller sized wreath from the Dollar Tree. Much better than the original price tag of $99.99 or the current doorbuster price at $40.99

Because this is such an easy DIY, I barely took photos of the process, but here are a couple!

Step 1: 

For my prep, I just separated my floral pieces. I grouped my primary and secondary pieces together and then grouped the filler and accent pieces together. 

DIY Christmas Wreath

Step 2:
Start by applying your base pieces. I would change position of my base pieces from center, left, and right to diversify the look. 

DIY Christmas Wreath

Step 3:

Add your secondary piece and filler to get your desired shape. I know that it's hard to see, but I just alternated placement, filled in the gaps, and played with the shape around the inside of the wreath. Too easy! 

DIY Christmas Wreath

Step 4:

Just add your accents where you can. If there isn't any more room, you can cut the accent pieces off of the stem and glue wherever you like!  

Sorry the pictures aren't very helpful - it is hard to see! Stay tuned for my next DIY. In the meantime I will work on creating better photos!

Catch you next time!


  1. This wreath looks so gorgeous! Love it when DIY's are a clear winner over their super expensive versions!!


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