Tutorial: DIY Baby Burp Cloths

Sunday, January 10, 2016


This week I worked on sewing a set of highly functional, yet stylish burp clothes. I know that baby tutorials are a dime a dozen and that baby burp cloths have been done a hundred times over, but I really wanted to share with you because of how much this project meant to me. I also do my burp cloths quite a bit differently so if you haven't fallen in love with a specific tutorial, maybe this will work for you!

Before we dive in, here is a little background on why this project was so special. A dear friend of mine, more like a sister, is expecting her fourth baby - a baby girl! Fun fact, her little girl is due on my birthday! This special friend and I became fast friends when were little girls in elementary school. It's such an amazing, full circle to see us as adults, becoming parents, and chasing our dreams. I truly believe that this friendship and the friendship with her sisters has always been an answer to prayer. I remember watching Anne of Green Gables and wanting a friendship like what Anne and Diana had so I prayed to God to bring a best friend in my life. Instead He gave me three! These friendships have been such a blessing  and I was so excited to learn that we were having babies within three months of each other. 

I started thinking about what to get her right away. I knew that I wanted to do something that was lovingly made for her little one, trendy/modern, not overly pink, and functional. When I asked her what she needed and she mentioned that she still needed everything, I knew that I was going to go with the burp cloths to add to her everyday baby needs. 

One thing that drives me crazy about store bought burp cloths is that they are either not absorbent enough, too small, or just really ugly. They aren't typically something that I want to wear on my shoulder when out in public. I remember being annoyed with my burp cloths when Hugo would spit up, miss the burp cloth and soil both of our cloths. Or when he would have a lot of spit up and I would pick up the cloth, in a hurry, only to find spit up in my hand because it just sat on top of the material. Because of these dislikes, I decided to play around with design and material until I found something that yielded the kind of functionality that I wanted while still looking pretty darn cute!

Learn how to make your own! 



Sewing machine
Fabric scissors or rotary 
Cutting mat 
Fabric marker (I couldn't find mine and just used a sharpie) 


*Cotton fabric
*Terry cloth or snuggle fabric 
Coordinating thread
A couple of notes:

*I bought 1/2 a yard of each cotton print and a yard and a half of the snuggle fabric. It left me with just enough for 2 cloths per print with enough left over for another project that I am working on.

*I found that Terry cloth is much easier to work with. I only use the back of the cloths to dab their little baby chins so I'm really just aiming for soft and used a snuggle fabric. I also think that the snuggle fabric adds a little flare. Terry is probably more useful if you want more absorbency in the back too. 

Step 1:

Line up your fabric on your cutting mat. I used a Gerber prefold (for burping, only) as my template. After lots of washing, mine are 16.5" tall and 11.5" wide. Then, I added an additional inch to the width. There was a little less than an inch left on the top and bottom, so I just left as is.


Step 2: 

After cutting the first piece out, I used it as my new template for the rest of my fabric and used a rotary cutter to cut the other pieces. 


Step 3:

Once all of your fabric is cut, begin by placing your front and back pieces on top of each other, right sides together. 


Step 4:

Pin along the sides. Because this fabric is pretty stretchy and bunches, I would definitely use more pins. It would have saved me a lot of time later. 


Step 5:

I sewed rather wide seams, on the 5/8 mark, and left an opening to turn the fabric right side out.

Step 6:

Fold in the fabric when you left an opening and topstitch around the burp cloth, closing the open space.

Voila, you've finished!




  1. great tutorial!!! now you just need to teach me how to work my sewing machine lol

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Thanks! I'm still learning how to navigate mine too haha :)


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