Transformation Tuesday: "UGG" Inspired Slouchy Boots + Free Pattern for 18" Doll

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My craft room is starting to accumulate a lot of old clothes, and honestly, some randomish things. I don't know when or where this happened, but I started to save everything. Scott even asked last week if I wanted to keep an old pair of his jeans that he was going throw away and I said, yes.

I guess lately I've had a keen eye and just see possibilities. Lots of free, make something cool, kind of possibilities. So things have been congregating in the corner, piling up, for me to get to. Most of which are my old clothes from like, the late 80s and early 90s. Yeah, the 90s. It's been so much fun remembering: "Oh, I wore this for Easter!!! Awww!" and then tearing it up with scissors. Again, I have no idea why. Anyways, I digress! Christmas is coming up and doll clothes are on the agenda for Christmas presents and repurposing old clothes are perfect for just that.

When I took a look at my sister's old coat that she recently outgrew, I knew exactly what I was going to do. Furry, slouchy boots for my sister's favorite doll, Charlotte! I still have a lot of coat left since a sleeve was plenty of fabric to do this. So, the coat goes back into the pile waiting for another ah-ha moment. I have a funny feeling that this corner is going to take on a life of it's own at some point, soonish. ha.

To do the boots, I drafted my own pattern and kind of fiddled with construction until I figured out the easiest way to get it through the sewing machine. Charlotte is a Target Our Generation doll (18") and the pattern should have enough flexibility to customize the size you want. The pattern is super easy, 4 pieces, and assembly goes quick! If you are repurposing fabric or have a particular one-way fabric design, you should know that I had to trim the fabric of the toe about a 1/4 inch down and that can affect the look you are trying to achieve. You can compensate for this by adding another 1/4" seam allowance to the sole of the boot. Otherwise, all seam allowances are included and sewn at a 1/4".

Okay, enough of the technical stuff. Grab your pattern *here and follow along!

1.) Get your fabric ready.

 2.) Cut out all of  your pieces.
You can really tell that I was playing w/the sole and top piece of the boot previously. haha
3.) Sew the front and back of the boot wrong sides together.

4.) Open up the seam with your finger to fluff the Sherpa.

After both sides are sewn together, it will look like this!

5.) Attach the top of the toe right sides together.

This is what it will look like.

6.) Flip it inside out.

7.) Pin the sole to boot.

8.) Sew a 1/4" along the raw edges.

9.) Flip inside out and you've got a cute little slouchy boot perfect for your 18" doll!


Let me know if you make a pair of these slouchy boots! I would love, love, love to see what you guys come up with and how the pattern worked for you! If you want to share any of the projects you've made with my pattern or tutorials please use the hashtag #sewverylovely because I truly want to see all of the lovely things that you've been creating!

*Pattern is not for commercial use. If sharing pattern on a social media platform under your brand (i.e. Instagram, blog, facebook page, youtube channel, etc.), please credit with a link back to this post. Thank you!


  1. Loving this tutorial. You break it down and make it look easy

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad that it's clear and easy to follow because I can really struggle when patterns aren't straight forward or easy to follow!

  2. This is soo cute! Thanks for the step by step tutorial. I recently got a sewing machine, so I may have to attempt this in the future! My daughter would love this for her dolls!

    1. Aww, thank you - I really hope that you give it a try! I would love to see what you come up with! Happy Sewing! :)


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