Transformation Tuesday: Playsuit into a Sweater!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In November we bought Hugo a playsuit from Carters that looked so warm and adorable. Since we are awful at surprises, we couldn't wait until Christmas and gave it to him early so he could start enjoying his little suit. Let me say that I loved this suit for about 2 washes and then material/interfacing began to unravel at the inner leg seam. It was an easy enough fix, albeit an irritating one. I also began noticing a good deal of wear-and-tear signs in the legs like, matted material, layers of fuzz, and noticeable differences in the knee after about 4 wears. Nope, nope, nope. I think at this point, the creative wheels started to turn. It was much too soon to get rid of. That would be such a waste of money, plus it had some issues so it would most likely not sell at a thrift store. I thought my, that would be a cute sweater though. So, I made it a sweater! Also, Hugo grows the most in his torso and tends to outgrow the lengths of his sweaters and shirts long before the sleeves so I was really pleased with how much length I was able to get from the playsuit! It's so easy that it doesn't really require much of a tutorial, to be honest. Even Scott was surprised by how quickly it went and said, "You're done?! That took you like 15 minutes!" Yup, easy.

Before: Those legs, eek!
Step 1:

Lay out your playsuit on flat surface where you can do some cutting/measuring. I used the floor and my cutting mat.

Step 2:

Determine where you want to place your cut and use something to guide you (if you're using a rotary cutter). I measured to the 13" line and used my yardstick to help guide.

Step 3:

Say goodbye to those legs!

Step 4:

Turn inside out and pin. I measured 1" for my hem.

Step 5:

Time to take it to the machine! I used a straight stitch and sewed at 5/8".

Ta-da! You've got a new sweater!

Here is Mr. bear enjoying his sweater and bookie. It seems like I need to bribe him with books these days to get any photos. Such a busy little bee - no time for slowing down!

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